Chinese international education

Whitepaper: The Learning Dragon 2nd Edition

How to market successfully to Chinese international students 

2nd edition – March 2019

While China remains the top source of international students globally and the number of Chinese outbound students remains on a growth trajectory, there are several signs this growth may soon start to slow down.

Changes in political climates are impacting not only students’ decision to study in certain countries, but also to remain in that country after their studies.

Based on the latest available data, this whitepaper provides international education marketers and recruitment managers with an understanding of:

  • The key trends among Chinese international students
  • The reasons why Chinese students choose to study abroad
  • How Chinese students are preparing for their overseas education
  • Selection criteria for their field of study
  • Selection criteria for their study destination and institution
  • What’s required to crack into the Chinese education market
  • In-depth insights on Chinese international students for key education destination markets
  • And much more… 

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