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Webinar: Bettering China digital recruiting for American educators



Less than a decade ago, recruiting Chinese international students meant enlisting local agents, frequent trips to China and lots of time building local connections. Now, COVID has catalysed the pivot to digital marketing as the primary tool to find and foster connections with potential students. But China's ever-evolving digital ecosystem creates challenges for America's higher educator providers. So how do recruiters make that personal connection without the same in-person presence? In this webinar, our expert panel discusses how the education sector can re-shape its recruitment approach to overcome these barriers. 


Watch this recording to learn:

- Insights into Chinese international students' demands and priorities have changed since COVID, and where they're headed.

- How to utilise different digital platforms to best target students and their parents.

- Strategies to develop trust and credibility with a Chinese audience using digital tools.

- Mistakes to avoid when marketing to Chinese students.

- Ways of overcoming the challenges facing international recruiters in 2022 and beyond. 

This session was facilitated by

Jasper original

Jasper Gill
Head of Sales Development, Sinorbis

Jasper has been supporting western organisations with their growth in China for the past six years. At Sinorbis, he helps schools and businesses from around the world with leveraging Chinese digital channels to build an effective marketing and student recruitment strategy.

Meet the panel

Jon Santangelo
 Jon Santangelo
Spokesperson & Senior Consultant, BOSSA

Jon has a decade of Intl-Ed experience in China both as an educator and as an industry professional. He advises foreign institutions on student recruitment strategies, works with education consultants, researches, and provides on-the-ground insights on Chinese student markets. Since 2014, he has served as spokesperson and senior consultant to China's leading association of education agencies, BOSSA, and runs his own business consultancy.

Desmond Kohn
Head of Partnerships, Sinorbis

As Head of Partnerships at Sinorbis, Des works closely with partners and clients to understand the strategic role China plays in their business and define a digital marketing approach to meet their goals. With a background in programmatic and digital advertising, Des has a deep knowledge of digital marketing in both the western and Chinese digital ecosystem.

Alfredo Varela-1

Dr. Alfredo Varela is associate director of international recruitment in the Office of Admissions. Dr. Varela joined UO Admissions in 2021 with 30 years of experience in International Higher Education.