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Webinar on demand:
Using social media to recruit students from India & China



About the webinar

India and China are the two largest sources of international students from Asia for universities and colleges in North America. However, connecting with these students can present distinctive challenges.
In China, the infamous Great Firewall can block the visibility of your digital channels, posing a hurdle in effectively engaging with Chinese students.
And in India, WeChat and TikTok are inaccessible, with WhatsApp being the dominant social app, making it an essential platform to connect with Indian international students.
Join Sinorbis, in partnership with Study in the USA, in this informative webinar where we will delve into the intricacies of WeChat and WhatsApp, providing you with expert guidance on the best practices to reach Asian international students from India and China. 
Watch the recording to learn:
- How to use WeChat effectively to engage and connect with Chinese international students.
- Examples of best practice from around the world.
- The potential of WhatsApp in India and how North American universities and colleges can effectively utilise it.
- How to build strong communities on these social platforms. 


Simon Hamlin Headshot

Simon Hamlin

Senior Account Executive & International Consultant at Study in the USA

Simon has spent the past 9 years at Study in the USA, combining his passion and experience in international travel, education and marketing. His diverse background includes expertise in sales, public relations, production and account management / customer service.

Meet the speakers

Renait Stephens

Renait Stephens

CEO at Study in the USA

Renait leads the modern multimedia company, with its magazines, websites, and social platforms that reach millions of international students each year. Renait has received awards from Apex and the Western Publishing Association, and was named  one  of the top 50 Women Leaders of Washington for 2022.

Vijay 150x150 (1)

Vijay Solanki

VP, Communication at Sinorbis

Vijay leads brand and communications for Sinorbis.  A psychology graduate with strong global marketing expertise from Unilever, Philips & Shazam.  Vijay has also held senior roles in media in the UK & Australia. He has advised edtech companies & startups.