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Webinar on demand:

Navigating China’s ‘digital labyrinth’ now that Covid restrictions are lifted


The recent easing of COVID-19 measures in China has made the country a top priority for international education professionals once again. For recruiters to be successful, it is crucial to understand the Chinese myriad of apps, websites and platforms, and to be aware of the different rules and restrictions that exist with regards to the internet in China.

In this webinar, Sinorbis joins ICEF to discuss the specifics of today’s and tomorrow’s Chinese recruitment market and how to navigate the complexities of China-focused digital and online marketing efforts.

This session was facilitated by

martijn icef

Martijn van de Veen
Chief Business Development Officer, ICEF

Meet the panel

nan yan george washington
Nan Yan
Adjunct Faculty and Assistant Director, George Washington University
Craig Riggs
Editor in Chief, ICEF Monitor
Desmond Kohn 
Director, Global Business Development, Sinorbis