How to Build a High-Performing Chinese Website

There are three main pillars to delivering a high performing Chinese website. Sinorbis gives you some of the key points you need for your website to flourish in China.


Due to the Great Firewall, 94% of websites aren’t visible in China and those that are often tend to be much slower to load for users. Sinorbis has helped businesses improve their website load more than 1000% faster while avoiding the long and tedious bureaucracy in China.


Localising content is not as easy as translating your words and nothing more. China has a vastly different digital culture when it comes to web design, from colour to page length.


SEOs in China work differently to Google, with some of the main tips to increase search engine ranking include using websites that are entirely in Chinese or using a .cn domain.

To learn more about how to build a website in China that will generate views, download the guide Chinese Website 101.

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