Understanding the Chinese student and brand building in a new recruitment landscape in China 


We recently partnered with The PIE News to help international recruitment managers to navigate the fast-changing Chinese market.

Facing the increasingly intense competition in the higher education sector, global universities need to rethink the ways of attracting and retaining Chinese students, the biggest international student cohort for almost every market.

So how to adapt your China marketing strategies to the new era?

Watch the webinar to:

    • - Understand the changing expectations from Chinese students and their parents in order to tailor your offerings in a way that resonates with them;
    • - Ensure positive learning experiences for Chinese students through well-designed transnational education programs;
    • - Leverage Chinese digital channels effectively to boost engagement.
  • The webinar was facilitated by PIE News CEO, Amy Baker. 
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Meet our panelists

Eric Garfunkel

Rick Garfunkel
VP Global Affairs

Rutgers University


Jing Luan

Jing Luan
Provost International Affairs

San Mateo Colleges of Silicon


Baihua Chadwick

Baihua Chadwick
VP International

Thompson Rivers University

Ada Wang

Ada Wang
BD Director