Tmall 101 guide: how to successfully launch a store

Tmall, the B2C arm of the Alibaba group, is the largest eCommerce platform in China. With over 400 million active users posting over 20 million comments and reviews daily, the platform is transforming how Chinese consumers shop and interact with international brands.

Our ebook is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about entering and flourishing in this digital retail space. You’ll discover:

  • - The true scope of the Chinese eCommerce opportunity
  • - What’s actually driving demand for international products
  • - A deep understanding of the Tmall ecosystem
  • - A breakdown of store types, costs, logistics and features
  • - An analysis of two high-profile fashion brands and their contrasting experiences with Tmall
  • - And most importantly, the 3 success factors for launching your Tmall Global store.

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